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smart TARMED

smart TARMED is our standard product for automated processing of medical service documents in Switzerland - used for the reimbursement settlement of ambulant treatment in medical practices and spitals using TARMED (tarif médical).
smart TARMED enables the reliable and extensive reading of TARMED invoices. In addition to roles such as patient, service provider, invoicing party, invoice recipient or sold-to party, relevant document data such as invoice number, ESR reference number, treatment reason and much more can be read out with very high data quality.
At the verification work station, entries can be made conveniently, efficiently, and supported by mathematical and logical checks. Thus, complete table contents are checked quickly and reliably. Incorrect entries are also prevented by database matching. Complete tariff databases are available for security purposes.

Smart TARMED is optimized for the processing of medical service documents according to the Swiss tariff TARMED.

Your Advantages of smart TARMED

  • Processing the complete, non-structured medical service mail according to TARMED
  • Automated extraction of all data relevant to reimbursement settlements
  • Automated building of procedures and documents including a test for consistency
  • Externsive textual, mathematical and logical tests
  • Enhanced checking options to uncover fraud
  • Open interfaces for further external checking (XML)
  • Identification of fals accounting

Any questions left?


Which information does your standard product extract from documents?


Even the standard version of smart TARMED extracts data relevant for accounting from incoming documents, e. g. treated person, attending physician, order date, EAN-list with item number and EAN-number, medical service table, session, status, and amount as well as header data of the documents, e. g. coverage number and date, canton, remuneration type or invoice amount. Depending on the customers' requirements further project-specific data relevant for service accounting can be extracted as well.


For us, controlling and operating processes of service accounting is of particular interest. How can you optimally support us in this endeavour?


With Reporter INVOICE, our standard product for process optimization in running systems, one can conduct extensive controlling with regard to the amounts of documents as well as the performance of document capture and hence ROI of invoice processing, too. The information is graphically represented in a comprehensive and intuitively understandable report.

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