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Smart ORDER is our standard produt for automated order processing: for all incoming, randomly assorted orders – without requiring previous system adjustments or extensive trainings.
smart ORDER enables the reliable reading of order data including order items. The extraction of required information such as goods and invoice recipients, delivery dates, and special terms enables efficient processing of orders and on-time delivery.
Smart ORDER uses available master data for the extraction. By using specific information extraction mechanisms (top-down search), you can also assign data that does not completely match the master data.
The use of intelligent learning mechanisms makes it possible to unambiguously assign customer-specific item descriptions to the company's own inventory.

Complying with delivery dates – reducing delivery times: smart ORDER creates efficient order management.

Your Advantages of smart ORDER

  • Universal order processing without requiring any previous customizing ("out-of-the-box")
  • Automated capture of all order contents (header or footer data) including tables
  • Automatic capture of order conditions (e. g. delivery dates or special conditions)
  • Automated distinction between ordering party, invoice and goods recipient
  • Efficient comparison of product items offered and purchase order items
  • Extraction of payment terms and special conditions
  • Processing of multipage documents
  • Processing of international documents
  • Postprocessing in various languages
  • Identification of handwritten notes
  • Independent system optimization

Our smart ORDER web-seminar

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Get to know our standard product for oder processing: time-saving and comfortablefrom your desk – via a web-session. We show you, how easy order processing is today – with all benefits for your daily work.

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Duo to your experience, where would you identify any saving-potentials in order processing?


Even today, many companies still capture incoming orders, e. g. on paper or fax, manually. Not only is this process time- and money-intensive, but also prone to mistakes. Our products allow for easy and correct processing of all orders as well as cost- and time-saving processes in the back office. 


Which information from the incoming orders can be captured using the standard product?


Even the standard version of smart ORDER captures all relevant information: Header data like orderer, ordering number, order date, order recipient, invoice recipient, etc. as well as purchase orders (including purchase numbers), article, amount, delivery date, etc. are all available for subsequent processing in a complete, fast, and high-quality manner.


Our incoming orders often contain handwritten notes. Is your software able to capture such important complements?


Yes. In order to achieve this, we offer our Annotation Detection, our standard product for finding handwritten complements or cancellations on documents. This way you can e. g. discover desired delivery dates, new adresses oder even special urgencies. Even changes contained within areas that should not usually be read can be found.


How can I control and optimize order processing?


With Reporter Pro, our standard software for process optimization in running systems. Reporter Pro allows for extensive controlling of the amount of documents captured or the overall performance of document capture and in last consequence of ROI of order processing as well. Information is then displayed graphically via comprehensive and intuitive reports. 

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