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Messaging services have long since become standard in private communications. With smart CHAT you provide your customers with a modern messenger they can use for a secure and reliable business dialogue with you.
With smart CHAT we offer you a convenient and data protection compliant In-App Messenger. This allows your end users to contact you easily by using your individual app. The communication runs end-to-end encrypted and is completely hosted by servers in Germany.
In combination with our OVATION Chatbot, many standard requests can be answered automatically. In dialogs, configurable push buttons can significantly increase the user experience compared to purely text-based communication.
If required, functions of our other mobile products can easily be activated from within the chat. For example, the IBAN can be captured by an EC card using smart CAPTURE and sent directly via smart CHAT.

smart CHAT: The business messenger for your app and the direct link to your customers.

The Advantages of smart CHAT

  • Messenger for direct, dialog-based communication between customer and company as part of your app
  • Ability to send PDF documents
  • Automation of customer inquiries via the connection of the smart BOT
  • Web-based communication interface for the administrator
  • Link to smart Flow, the intelligent, omni-channel communication solution
  • Automated response outside business hours
  • White label app – flexible branding in accordance with the corporate design

Any questions left?


Is smart CHAT a so-called chatbot which automatically communicates with users?


Smart CHAT is not a simple chatbot, but an individual communication solution. Our product can be combined with chatbots to automate the standard processes and answer them.


Do messages sent via smart CHAT run on servers from foreign providers, similar to WhatsApp and Facebook?


No, the infrastructure required for smart CHAT is completely hosted in Germany and is subject to the German and European data protection regulations. If required, the infrastructure can also be hosted at the customer's site.


What is the advantage of integrating Messenger into my customer app?


The customer accounts of the app are automatically used for the Messenger as well. This means that your customers can contact you directly without the hurdle of a separate registration. In all cases, you know precisely which customer is currently contacting you and can thus safely offer a personalized service.


Control your customer communication centrally via all channels on one platform. Benefit from efficient response management and high process transparency with our products.

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