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With smart INFO, you can dynamically and individually send messages to your customers via an end-to-end encrypted communication channel. Irrespective of whether it is business transaction-related status information, invoices or newsletters – with smart INFO you provide your customers with optimum information.
With smart INFO, the user receives a personal mailbox. The transmission of messages to smart INFO is encrypted end-to-end so that personal data can also be transferred in compliance with the law. You save printing and postage costs and your customers have permanent and clear access to relevant information.
In combination with smart CAPTURE, messages can be assigned to submitted transactions. These messages are then also displayed directly in the smart CAPTURE interface during the corresponding process.

With smart INFO you save the letter postage for all customers with the app. 

Your Advantages of smart INFO

  • Sending dynamically created, individual messages to the customer
  • Ability to send PDF documents
  • Mailbox function for displaying and managing incoming messages
  • End-to-end encrypted communication via your own server infrastructure
  • Display of submission-related messages within smart CAPTURE
  • White label app – flexible branding in accordance with the corporate design

Any questions left?


Will my customers receive a push notification on their mobile device when I send them information?


Yes, it is possible to notify the user of a new information in the mailbox via push notification.


What are the advantages of smart INFO compared to sending an e-mail?


Via smart INFO Messages are sent completely encrypted so that personal data can also be sent in accordance with privacy protection. In addition, messages related to a submission of smart CAPTURE, for example, can be displayed directly to the user in context of the respective submission.


Can I also send my users PDF documents via smart INFO?


Yes, similar to an e-mail, PDF documents can also be sent as attachments with smart INFO.

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